Total Stalin had over thirty pseudonyms, each of which had its own significance and history of origin.It is believed that the name of Dzhugashvili, Stalin began to use in connection with a number of bright associative solid and resistant metal.Steel - stiff and flexible steel core - that has become an integral part of the historical image of the great politician, he - steel, indomitable revolutionary.

Koba - alias youth.Underneath Dzhugashvili was known in the revolutionary ranks in the Caucasus.There is no consensus, where did this nickname, no.There are several assumptions.

Option literary

One version has it that the hero of the novel by Alexander Kazbegi patriotic "Patricide" noted for its persistence and the desire to go to the t
arget of any victims.These and other qualities of character Koba - literary hero - young Stalin was very impressed, and the style of behavior and commitment Dzhugashvili, like a mask, try on, for a long time, the future "father of nations" asked to call themselves just that - Koba.

Years later, having received authority and get rid of the closest associates, which could make it vulnerable, Stalin, according to historians on the basis of eyewitness accounts, just me in the face when his name was called Koba.

Option royal

no less plausible version of the origin of the nickname from the name of the Georgian version of the Persian king Kobadesa.

medieval Georgia during his reign was of great historical significance.When it became the country's capital city of Tbilisi and the country has received a major economic boost trade ties were established, they developed new craft, the first irrigation devices gardens.

Historians have noted similar moments in the biography and character traits of the king and Stalin.Strong-willed, strong character and uncompromising manner reign Kobadesa caused respect Dzhugashvili, is difficult to say whether the copied young revolutionary historical character, but the fact that Stalin was well acquainted with the history of the reign Kobadesa obvious.

Trotsky wrote in his memoirs, that was a period when Dzhugashvili called double name Koba-Stalin, and behind him, and did call - "Kinto", which translated means "Artful Dodger and a cynic."Called Stalin and Besoshvili and companion to, but the most hated him the nickname Soso got from my mother, who called him affectionately Soselia.