Prisons in Russia, depending on the severity of the crime of "inhabitants", is divided into several types:
- general regime,
- reinforced,
- strict,
- specialized
- settlement.
The main purpose of any such institution - restriction of the freedom of citizens stumbled, but not their rights.In fact, the boundary between these concepts erased the mentality of the "system."
total schedule is made the head of correctional labor colony (ITC) subject to the regime of detention, individual - some convicted (for example, a chef, storekeeper, the duty and so on.).
prisoner Morning begins with a general rise in the 7.00.About half an hour set aside for morning procedures a
nd filling beds, begin the morning inspection, takes up to 40 minutes.Then, a half-hour breakfast and divorce on jobs.
schedule corresponds to labor legislation, with 30 minute break for lunch.Then dinner, a variety of activities, evening inspection, preparation for sleep, continuous 8-hour sleep.Personal time a prisoner is typically 30-60 minutes.
Penitentiary Inmates of all types (except special) living units for 150-200 people in the barracks, separated from each other in the mini-protected zone.Special regime prisoners locked in their cells for 25-50 people.One bedroom in the barracks consists of 2-3 tiered shelves, "bunk", accommodating up to 150 people.
Inside each hut there are several functional areas: for storage of outdoor clothing, food and eating (eg, tea), personal belongings of the common charges.At the entrance is enclosed by "walking" playground.In separate buildings located club, canteen, medical unit, library, sauna, rooms for meetings, as well as the administrative headquarters.Navigate through the site is possible only with permission of the administration in the marching line.
Besides the residential zone in the ITC has an industrial area and a "penalty" for disciplinary punishments, such as the cooler (with isolation for 15 days) or PCT (chamber concluded up to 6 months).