war as a way of doing politics

Regardless of the historical epoch of the war all have common features.The classics of Marxism, the most serious approach to the question of the nature, causes and significance of the wars in the history of mankind, to adhere to certain Prussian specialist in military affairs Clausewitz, who pointed out that the war - only the continuation of politics by violent means. States used in the war the armed forces to achieve their political goals.

Any war - social and political phenomenon which is inherent States in the class stage of its development.When primitive communal society there was no centralized state, so clashes between tribes can not be considered war in the true sense of the wo
rd, although the resemblance between these phenomena there.In those days the collision occurred mainly because of the contradictions that arose in the division of hunting and fishing places.Battle of the resources needed for the survival of the species.

Who wants war?

objective content and determines the nature of the war policy of the group of people for which it is conducted.The State class defines the policy of the ruling class.Its representatives have their own interests and motivations, which may radically differ from the interests of the people, constituting the majority of the population of the belligerent countries. ruling political elites in a society skillfully used propaganda tools, to give the war the character of the fair in the eyes of the population.

Indeed, the war can be both fair and unfair.If the war is aimed at liberation from social and national oppression, it being in the interests of the broad masses of the population and is progressive.Wars of conquest waged aggressive reactionary circles of States aimed at the conquest of new territories and resources, should be considered reactionary.Elucidation of the specific nature of the war depends on the answer to the question: "Who benefits from this war?ยป

But even the most just war of liberation - a huge disaster that is not necessary for most people.In today's world, when the means of destruction have acquired a planetary scale, governments and peoples is very important to learn how to solve disputes by means of economic and political influence to avoid bloodshed and large-scale hostilities.An important role in the world can play a social movement, based on the progressive forces of individual states.