What is fascism and nationalism?

Fascism is based on the totalitarian power of the state and the total subordination of the individual.For Fascism is characterized by the personality cult of the ruler, the one-party control and superiority of the titular nation over other nations.Fascism existed in Italy, Romania, Spain, Portugal, Brazil and other countries.

National Socialism - a mixture of Nazi ideology and socialism.Formation of the extreme right-wing beliefs and hostility not only to the competition for power, but also to people of other nations.Nazism was in Germany during the Third Reich.In our time, this politic
al ideology banned worldwide.

similarities and differences between the two ideologies

In theory, Nazi race is fundamental.The enemy is determined according to his nationality.It argued that it can not overpersuasion and education, only requires a complete physical elimination.In fascism was nothing like this.

to Nazism was the highest value of the people (in Germany it was the Aryan race), and the Nazis set up in all the state.

during the Third Reich, the Nazis seriously conflict with the Church, while at the same time in Italy when fascists Church even strengthened its position.The Nazis were essentially pagans and mystics.This was reflected in the widespread use of pagan symbols and craze Nazi leaders in the occult, Eastern religions, Christian heresies, as well as finding the Holy Grail.

Nazism was typical of the cult of tradition and rejection of something new.The capitalist order of society is closely associated with the activities of the Jewish race.Italian Fascism, on the contrary, an active friend of the capitalists, who at that time actively finance the activities of the ruling party.

In 1933, Hitler and his Nazi party burned the Reichstag and accused it of its opponents - Communists.Began harsh repression, and won the elections Jan. 30, 1933, Hitler's party came to power.

Italy fascism came to power in 1922 after the victory of Mussolini in the elections, before the fascists had the party seats in parliament.

have fascism in Italy and Nazism in Germany, there are a lot of similarities.In both countries, the concentration camps were set up where placed disgruntled ruling regime.Both countries began to actively intervene in the economy.Mass repressions were the main support of the government, were created and encouraged by the secret police reports.