Besides the benefits that each pensioner rely on age, additional grants may also benefit those who are poor or disabled, has the title of "Veteran of labor".To receive benefits, you should contact the social security authorities at the place of registration and to provide documents proving your right to them.
Seniors who fall into the category of low-income citizens who are entitled to benefits on payment of municipal services.The condition for this benefit is the excess of the cost of payment of utility bills higher than the level set for the region.Those retirees who for heating homes use wood-burning stoves may be eligible for reimbursement of the fuel costs.Additional benefits for
this type of expenditure still remain for those pensioners who have the status of "Veteran of labor".But in many parts of this status it was abolished due to lack of funds in local budgets.
for old age pensioners, and provides tax benefits.They can pay a lesser amount of traffic, land and property tax of individuals.As the rate of vehicle tax in each region has its own set, specify the size of benefits and payments should be the territorial tax inspectorate.Typically, retirees are exempt from paying vehicle tax for one car installed capacity.Exemptions from the other two municipalities set tax.In some communities retired completely exempted from the obligation to pay them in some - pay only the amount of the provisions.This procedure is declarative in nature.To order your benefit, must be presented to the inspector of the tax authority and its statement of pension certificate.
authorities of some municipalities additionally set and other social benefits.Passage bear benefits of pensioners in urban and suburban transport.To do this, place in the bodies of Social Security discount ticket for travel or get special coupons.For those seniors who live in the northern regions of Russia, annually paid a trip to the resort and back.To obtain this benefit must submit tickets to the Department of Pension Fund of the Russian Federation at the place of residence.Pensioners living in remote areas of the country, is based on partial compensation of airline tickets.
In some regions, retirees can expect free service dental clinic and have benefits for dental prosthetics.In every region of single pensioners over 80 years of age or with health problems may contact the Social Security authorities to come to their home by social workers - are cleaned and brought products from the store.This service is free.