Hardly in the history of mankind there is such a place of mass murder of people like Auschwitz (Auschwitz).Now the city has a cultural institution whose main task - to present the Auschwitz as a city of peace, but it was not always.
Germans occupied Polish territory in 1939 and renamed the city to Auschwitz.They have created a complex of three death camps Auschwitz 1 and Auschwitz Auschwitz 2 3. Birkenau, or Auschwitz 2 - this is a concentration camp, which meant driving it about Auschwitz.
There were one-story wooden barracks with prisoners of war.More than 1 million people of various nationalities died in this place for five years of war, but 90% of them were Jews.The prisoners were brought every day by train, and were divided into four pa
first group who arrived within hours sent to the gas chambers.So 75% of people were killed: women, children, the elderly and unfit to work.The bodies from the gas chambers were burned in crematoria.Concentration camp commandant Rudolf Hess believed that it is necessary to suppress the impulses of humanity and to act with an iron determination, fulfilling the orders of Hitler.
second group of prisoners turned into slaves for industrial enterprises.Hundreds of thousands of people have died in the factories of the beatings, disease and executions.Some managed to escape: Oskar Schindler bought the Germans to their factory 1,000 Jews.300 women from Schindler's List mistakenly ended up in Auschwitz, but they managed to take in Krakow.In memory of these events created the feature film "Schindler's List."
The third group got the prisoners dwarfs and twins.They were sent to medical experiments.The fourth group consisted of women, which the Germans used as a slave, for servility and sorting the property arrived prisoners.
People could lend in the camp for more than three months.They were fed with rotten vegetables, socks and underwear was not.Not allowed to use the toilet more than 30 seconds twice a day.The same number was given to hygiene.Faeces cleaned the tanks with their bare hands.
In 1943, some managed to escape from the camp because of the actions of the resistance groups of the prison population.In January 1945, Soviet troops occupied Auschwitz.In the camp were 7.5 thousand. People, the Germans did not have time to take out.Among the survivors, Victor Frakl - Austrian psychologist and psychiatrist, who wrote the book "To say the life of" Yes. "Stubbornness spirit.Psychologist in a concentration camp. "
The exact number of victims in Auschwitz is unknown because the documents destroyed.Historians agree on the figure of 1.6 million people, most of them Jews.The expression "go to the dogs" in camp slang meant to be burnt in the crematorium.Now a museum at Auschwitz.