Join members of the "Young Guard of United Russia" can be an individual, a citizen of the Russian Federation.Also a member of the organization may become a youth movement, formalized as a legal entity.
Fill the application form.It is available on the website of the Moscow Region regional department of "Young Guard of United Russia".
Take photos minimum size of 3x4 cm, or use previously printed, color does not matter.You'll need two photos.One of them is to be glued to the application form, and the second to provide the regional office of the "Young Guard of United Russia" for the registration of a membership card.
Visit the official site of the public organization "Young Guard of United Russia".Check out the articles of association, it is a prerequisite of entry into « Young Guard ».
find on the site "Young Guard" section "Staff".In the window that opens, you can choose your region.It will contain contact information - address of headquarters, phone and e-mail.
Call the regional office to find out what time you can apply for membership in the organization.
visited the office of the regional branch of the "Young Guard of United Russia" in the opening hours.Give the employee a statement, provide passport.
your candidacy will be discussed for the members of the local staff.Since the positive decision you will be deemed to be accepted as a member of the organization.
Payment of fees on those details or fill in an amount of cash department of public organization "Young Guard of United Russia".
get a ticket confirming your membership in the organization "Young Guard of United Russia", its production does not take more than a week.