Tip 1: Where Stalin is buried

Joseph Stalin - the greatest personality of the 20th century, the "father of nations" or a traitor, a great president or a person committed genocide of their own people.Historians and contemporaries can not give an unambiguous assessment of the reign of a man who died only because that subordinates were afraid to help him.
Dzhugashvili Stalin, who took in the revolutionary years, alias Stalin, born on December 21, 1879 in Georgia.In the twenties of the 20th century, he led the party Central Committee and established a totalitarian regime in the camp. Many consider him a dictator and a cruel man, but can not discount that it was Stalin who led the Soviet Union to victory in World War II, helped the country to survive and to restore former greatness after it.


The first attack occurred in Stalin in 1953, the first of March.On this day, the leader was found unconscious at his dacha in Kuntsevo - his official residence in the postwar years.Terrified personal doctor has not been able to
recognize that the leader suffered a stroke, but the second of March diagnosed and recognized the paralysis of the right side of the body.

That day he did not get up, only occasionally raising his left hand, as if asking for help, but the help did not come.Some historians tend to believe that not only fear prevented assist Stalin.Khrushchev, Beria, Malenkov - all of them were interested in the speedy demise of the leader.


Officially, guards who found Stalin on the floor of a small dining room, had no right to call the doctor without getting an order of Beria.That night all the forces were sent to search for him, and after 10 hours, to obtain permission from Beria, after all, the doctors came, and the next day Joseph Stalin suffered a stroke.However, there is documentary evidence that Beria knew the night before about the grave condition of the leader, but deliberately playing for time.Moreover, doctors who treated Stalin, were arrested, and the nurse, an injection of anesthetic, hastily evacuated from the country in an unknown direction.

fifth of March, Joseph Stalin died.The entire country was plunged into mourning.Thousands of people came to say goodbye to the leader.Ninth of March, Stalin was buried in the mausoleum of Lenin, which was subsequently named the mausoleum of Lenin and Stalin.The body rested in the mausoleum of the leader until 1961. buried near the Kremlin wall in force policies.Those who have been out of favor or have already retired, this honor is not awarded.Stalin was perhaps an exception.

subsequently developed in the country anti-Stalinist sentiment came the revolutionary ideas and Stalin was convicted, his body was carried out of the Mausoleum and reburied near the Kremlin wall.This memorial cemetery became a haven of prominent politicians and communist figures from 1917.There are arranged two mass graves of those killed in the course of the October Revolution: one grave begins at the Spassky Gate, the second - at the Nikolsky.

Tip 2: Where is buried IVStalin

Early in the morning of the fifth March 1953 died the head of the Soviet Union Joseph Stalin.But after 60 years of the death of the "leader of the peoples" it was still under a veil of secrecy.How, in fact, almost the whole of life.And learn the secret of secrets hardly been possible.Absolute privacy even unexpected happened for the world reburial of Stalin, whose ashes moved late at night from the mausoleum to the Kremlin wall.And this fact does not seem all historical ...

«words of Comrade Spiridonov»

XXII Congress of the Soviet Communist Party, held 17-31 October 1961, it was a historic right for many reasons:
- was the first of22 senior party meeting held in the Grand Kremlin Palace;
- adopted a document called "The Moral Code of the Builder of Communism";
- from the "nest" took off and went to the country catch phrase of the new country's leader Nikita Khrushchev that the present and all future generations of his countrymen will live in a communist society;
- was blown up on the eve of heavy duty thermonuclear bomb, which became a kind of demonstration of military might of the USSR and, apparently, giving Khrushchev confidence in their actions;
- just one day before the closing announced hasty reburial of former Secretary General now as the average person.

Curiously, formally initiated this move, and state-level value, probably taken well before the congress, was not the Khrushchev and not one of the influential members of the Politburo like Frol Kozlov, Anastas Mikoyan and Mikhail Suslov.Saying it and demanded to remove Stalin from the mausoleum commissioned is neither initiated nor led oratory of the Leningrad Regional Ivan Spiridonov.By the way, soon companion Spiridonov, in the fight against the cult of personality previously unnoticed, from his post due to chronic sleep on the job were removed.

neighbor Lenin

About how long was Stalin ignored doctors who are simply afraid to call on the dacha outside Moscow without the permission of the "Boss" or Lavrenty Beria, said and written a lot.No less possible words and facts remain hidden.Thus giving rise to what is natural, just a lot of speculation and rumors.March 6 the body of 73-year-old generalissimo transported to the capital, leaving in three days among the columns of the House of Unions.But taken by the NKVD and the Political Bureau of urgent safety measures, with one of those "high", a safe farewell to the deceased thousands of people obviously did not.

only in a stampede that occurred on Trubnaya Square, later dubbed "cadaver", killing nearly two hundred mourners.According to the Western "radio voices" of the victims was much higher.Enabling the Soviet people and the Communists in other countries plenty grieve temporarily left without a head of the country's leadership has decided to press located in the mausoleum almost 30 years of Vladimir Lenin embalmed.And 9 March placed in it, along with the first head of the Soviet Union, and even the second.This is how Stalin spent more than eight years.

«Stalin exit!»

amicably applauded as "bold" Rapporteur of Leningrad, the delegates unanimously approved a fact already prepared a solution that they abused their power and become the real culprit recent even party leaders should "leave the room".Well, in the heat of the communist deceased did not offer to do it yourself.Trying to accomplish the righteous, in their opinion, even if the posthumous trial, members of the Politburo in a hurry so that was ordered to take the body of ousted idol of millions is already the next night.Quiet reburied in the wall next to the Kremlin and the Yaroslavl Yemelyan Rosalia countrywoman.And, contrary to protocol, there were no orations, laid wreaths and senior officers of the guard of honor and military salute!

And suddenly stolen?

Historians suggest: playground, where as a result of Stalin now lies, was selected only after long discussions with the participation of the entire Politburo.However, Khrushchev proposed to bury Joseph Stalin at the Novodevichy cemetery, not far from his wife and daughter.But fears that the body can take away to Georgia, this idea was abandoned.As a result, all voted in favor of the proposal Uzbek leader Nuritdinov Mukhitdinova bury Stalin's Kremlin, along with many other important Soviet politicians, military leaders and other government officials and foreign communists.

However, years later, the secretary general of the fact of burial is in the center of Moscow began to question.For example, according to Canadian historian of Ukrainian origin Greg Sinko, there lies one of the twins.And Stalin was allegedly smuggled into the Himalayas, where, after reading the Buddhist literature in his youth, hoping to gain eternal immortality.