It is worth mentioning that the conflict took place on 21 February 2012, when the girls ran to the solea temple and within 41 seconds sang the song "Mother of God, Putin Put", after which they were taken into custody.It was not the first such action Pussy Riot.

the beginning of June the situation was as follows: 7 volumes of 300 pages of the criminal case had been referred to the all parties before 1 September.It was in fact multiplied by three, in addition to the main consequences of lawyers filed a complaint to the European Court of Human Rights, which in the court given the status of "priority consideration".Similar letters were sent to the United Nations and the Prosecutor General of the Russian Feder
ation.In response to the prosecutor's office in addition to the basic charges of hooliganism allocated in a separate trial the charge of "inciting religious hatred", which is now kept separately.Basically business activities of the rock group classified as "hooliganism motivated by religious hatred."

June 26, Lieutenant Colonel of Justice Rachenko responsible for the investigation, was promoted, which caused serious public resonance.This, among other things, reminded the masses that the case is not closed yet: the next day in the global network has information about the open letter to the Supreme Court of the Russian Federation, under which left more than 150 signatures of famous personalities - from Bondarchuk before Shenderovich.The demand was the removal of all criminal prosecution with the girls.

Meanwhile, already on June 30, was issued a shocking decision: term study the case was moved from September to the 4th of July.The very same hearing scheduled for July 20 (Pussy Riot blog argues that the decision was "a response to the excessive attention that the matter").

According to polls, the society, though not approve of the scandalous antics, but is confident that the punishment (up to 7 years in prison) does not commensurate with the crime.With each passing day public outcry stronger.With neligetimnostyu conclusion partly agree and lawyers, Recalling that the term of imprisonment for hooliganism - 15 days.In addition, the official blog of girls refers to government sources hinted at a "positive outcome."

The only thing you can be completely sure - that of a loud affair will monitor hundreds of thousands of indifferent, and the decision of the 20th number will not be able to satisfy all parties.