Amnesty - a measure that is used by the decision of state power authority to the persons who committed the crime.Its essence lies in the full or partial exemption from punishment or replacement of punishment on softer.In Russia, for all its recent history, according to experts and historians, the amnesty was conducted 14 times.5 of them on the occasion of the war in the Caucasus, 4 for various anniversaries.

That amnesty that was declared on the 20th anniversary of the Constitution of Russia, has been named general.And this is connected, first of all, that the list of those awaiting a pardon, much more than in previous years.
One of the rumors on the subject: why such a broad amnesty was the myth of prison overcrowding.Another option that is voiced, - unjust sentence.

who fall under the amnesty in 2013

Russian President signed in July 2013 document, according to which freedom had to get sentenced to 27 articles of the Economic Criminal Code.This means that the first under the exemption had to get people convicted under article "Fraud in lending" and "Fraud in the field of entrepreneurship."
That most of the easing in the economic sphere, and gave rise to rumors that the whole amnesty was started to rehabilitate located at the time on remand of former Defense Minister A. Serdyukov.

also were to be released all those who are in prison for non-violent crimes.According to statistics, from the already convicted under the amnesty gets about 1300 000 people, and of those who were in prison - 25 000.

the list of potential amnesty - those who committed crimes of small and medium gravity.To be released in this category might minors, women who are in the care of young children, pregnant ladies over the age of 55, men pensioners and invalids of 1-2 groups and those who have been given a suspended sentence.

Many observers and human rights activists have noted that the news about the big amnesty came together with reports that the FSIN asked to increase the number of available prison in Russia.

What are the main difficulties related to the amnesty

On the one hand, the amnesty is considered to be an act of humanity, which allows people stumbled and already served a part of his punishment (even unconvicted already been punished stay in jail) to be forgiven and to be released early.

However, experts argue that, in connection with such a wide scale, there are certain difficulties.For example, in Russia there are no programs for the rehabilitation of former prisoners.Accordingly, the people trying for some time locked up, just feel cut off from the world, even at large.

Many can not cope with their own sense of lack of demand, and it is no secret that former prisoners are not particularly willing to take on the job, so the number of relapses is rather large.In this case, start to think, it really is a great boon amnesty.