When in 2004 abolished direct elections of governors of subjects, many considered this decision as unconstitutional.However, the procedure for the submission to the post by the President of persons acting until 2012.Governor is appointed by the legislative assembly of the subject, but the candidacy of the president asserted.So the choice is limited only to the election of a representative body - the Legislative Assembly.In 2009, the mechanism has changed, but only partially: the party with the most votes in the region, the president can propose candidates.This governor does not justify the confidence of the country's leader, could be withdrawn in retirement.

On June 1, 2012 in Russia over the law on the direct election of governors.The heads of subjects chosen this time to 5 years and can not hold office for more t
han two consecutive terms.Candidates may be nominated by the various parties, as well as their own.In the latter case they will have to collect signatures of residents of the subject in his support.

On the way to the election of candidates pass through a kind of "filters".Firstly, it to participate in the electoral process is necessary to collect the signatures of the local representatives of legislative and executive power (ie deputies, the heads of settlements).Score less than 5% of signatures before the election, are not allowed.And, secondly, all the candidates interact with the President during the election campaign.Iethe head of state can advise future governors.

Federal law also requires that voters themselves can withdraw chosen governor.The reason for this may be a violation of the law or "repeated flagrant failure without good reason of their duties set by the court."