Check out the charter and party program.Step is not formal.In order to represent the same whether your eyes, you must thoroughly understand the aspirations of United Russia.If you think that you and the party on the road, you can proceed to the next steps.
Become a supporter of the party.All in a row in the main part of the country do not take, so you need to prove that you are worthy to join its ranks.First you need to become a supporter of the party and remained in that capacity for at least 6 months.To become a supporter of the party, you should be familiar with the "Regulations on supporters", fill in the form of accession, take it to the local branch of the party, as well as have an interview in the office of United Russia in the community.Become a supporter of the United Russia may
be 16 years old.
be active in the ranks of supporters.To be admitted to the party, United Russia, is not enough just to fill in the questionnaire.Participate in public events held by the party, give your vote in the election for United Russia, to take an active citizenship, to gain the trust and recommendation from colleagues.
Personally fill out the application for admission to the party, and give written consent to the processing of personal data.Get the recommendation of the board of the party's supporters.If being a supporter of the party, you are for a minimum of 6 months led an active social life, you get a recommendation would be pretty easy.Complete interview in the local (primary) branch of the United Russia party in the community.
Bring a prepared statement for admission to the party in the local branch of United Russia.Upon successful completion of all these steps, you will be able to become a full member of the party, actively influence the life of your region and country.It is possible that in the event of a successful party career, you can become a deputy of the State Duma of the Russian Federation.