you need
  • internet access
find the official portal of the President of the Russian Federation Government.This function is only one, so be careful.The electronic way of handling is convenient and very easy to use, as opposed to the standard letters with pen and paper.So send a few messages to the Prime Minister does not make a lot of effort and time.
detailed and clearly set out the problem in a letter, be sure to enter personal details: surname, first name, postal address.Remember the message without this information, are not considered.Do not be
afraid to leave your contact information, personal data in any way will be stored and processed in accordance with the provisions of the Russian legislation.We should also mention that there are some issues that are not within the competence of Russian Prime Minister.These messages will be transferred to other organs for further solutions.
click "Send."Applications are registered for three days and dealt with in accordance with the Federal Law "On the order of consideration of citizens of the Russian Federation."The period for which your message should be considered is about seven days.
Wait for an answer.An absolute guarantee of solving your problem no one can give, but it is always worth a try, is not it?The main condition of success, perhaps, is the presence of significant issues that are not urgent.Response to treatment will direct in accordance with the same Federal Law "On the order of consideration of citizens of the Russian Federation" 59-FZ.Do not count on the massive attention of the authorities to the person.But remember that with proper persistence and desire letter sooner or later find the desired destination.