Assignment "Veteran of work»

to assign the title of "Veteran of work", it is necessary to bring the bodies of social protection:

- a document that contains the work activity (work book) and, if necessary, help from the archiveorganizations;
- document about the award;
- passport.

USZN in Russia at the place of registration, shall be all of the above documents, and makes a statement in the form of conferring the title of "Veteran of labor".Within fifteen days of the decision taken.In the case where a person is denied, notice of this is given to him personally in a period not exceeding 5 days.The reasons for refusal are sent to soc
ial protection, which adopted a statement.

Benefits "labor veterans»

Federal Law, published Jan. 12, 1995 "On veterans" defines the organizational, legal and economic components of social protection of veterans of the Russian Federation.Its purpose is to create conditions that will ensure veterans active life, respect and honor in society.

to legislate changes in 1995, occurred when the Federal Law of the Russian Federation adopted on August 22, 2004 №122.Categories of beneficiaries divided into regional and federal.A person who is recognized as "Veteran of labor" - exempt regional importance, therefore, a set of bonuses and benefits shall designate the region on their own. Act, published August 22, 2004 №122, regulates the benefits for the population of Russia, citizens of foreign origin and non-citizens permanently residing in the territory of Russia and having a document "Veteran of Labour".

Usually payments are provided to veterans of labor, the following:

- an allowance, according to the decrees of the Russian Federation;
- monthly payment of grants;
- preferential purchase of medicines;
- obtaining prosthetic and orthopedic services;
- paying utility bills with a benefit of 50%;
- purchase ticket for travel on public transport at a reduced price;
- obtaining and maintenance of the dwelling. Upon reaching the men 60 years and women 55 years of state-guaranteed old-age pension.

for payment of benefits in full, can expect citizens earned retirement pension and earned the title of "Veteran of labor".To find out what social grants in your area, you need to come to the Department of Social Welfare at the place of registration.