With the spread of English around the world, in the Russian language began to enter new words, bearing the English-speaking backgrounds.The summit, in Russian means "assembly", held in every state, or between states in the period of time determined by agreement.In the modern history of the number displayed s summit of great importance for a number of states.For example, summit «Big Eight", bringing together the government of Russia, Japan, Italy, Canada, Germany, USA, France and Great Britain.This international forum of leaders of these states shall harmonize approaches to major international issues.The summit, as seen in the case of the "Big Eight" can not have any statute, therefore, the people or the state, belonging to it can not formally accept the status of
a member of the "assembly".As a rule, the participants summit and there is an unspoken agreement, assuming an annual or quarterly fee for priority on the territory of each Party.In large summit ah, where several countries are involved, it is sure to be appointed Chairman, which is the one of the States Parties, elected by other states at a certain time (usually 1 year).In addition to the participants in the summit e can participate and foreign representatives, directly associated with each of the participants.If we take into account the aforementioned "Big Eight", the unauthorized representative is the representative of the European soyuza.Znachenie any summit and, as a rule, is huge for each of its members, since it is at such meetings to solve many problems of an international character.Thanks to summit s friendship of peoples is growing, both within states and between states themselves and their leaders.And this, in turn, is important for normal and stable development of economic and political relations in the world.