Both concepts - and sex and gender - is characterized by the division of people into men and women.But the term "sex" refers to biological separation, and "gender" - to the social.

difference between sex and gender

Sex - a biological characteristic of man.It can be determined already in the newborn on the primary sexual characteristics, ie,on the anatomical structure of the external genitalia.

From this perspective, human sexual identity does not depend on the culture to which he belongs.No impact on gender and the environment in which the child will grow up.

gender called social sex - behavior related to its social role as a man or a woman.This is determined by a whole system of ideas about how to behave as a person of a particular sex, and what behavior to him or her under the ban.Gender role dictates what professional activities mo
re acceptable to men and what - to women.These ideas vary from period to period, and within the same time - from people to people, from culture to culture.This is different gender from biological sex characteristics.For example, a US citizen from a biological point of view is no different from a resident of Saudi Arabia, but their different social status associated with gender.

Gender, as a social floor, may not coincide with the biological as a result of education.Such human history took place not only in the "corrupt" modernity.For example, the famous female pirate Mary Read's parents as a child raised as a boy, asfor inheritance needed a male child.This subsequently led to its occupation, which at the beginning of the XVIII century, in principle, could not be considered "feminine".

gender policy

Government policy related to the rights of men and women, gender differences, gender roles, is called gender policy.

gender policy of the state is largely determined by the traditions of a people - national and religious.So today in many Muslim countries, the rights of men and women differ.For women, marriage age comes earlier than men.The man has the right to divorce his wife without cause, and for women there is a hard list of reasons why it may ask for a divorce.Women are prohibited from much of what is permitted to men, for example, to drive a car.If a woman has broken the law, the responsibility of her husband.

In other states that make up the majority of today, the law declares the equality of the sexes.The marriageable age the same for men and for women.The right to elect and be elected is not related to sex.Formally, the floor of the applicant can not be the reason for the refusal to hire.However, the difference in the rights and responsibilities between men and women persists in some moments.For example, in the Russian Federation, only men are subject to military conscription, and in Israel - both men and women.