Many people in the United States firmly believes that Russia is always cold, and even compare our country with a giant refrigerator.Most Americans with the country Russia there is one association - a Siberia.The nice thing is that the United States consider Russia a strong economically, politically and militarily country.Yet there is a perception that all Russians without exception, extremely hard-wor
king and energetic people and idlers among them rare.Well here is not to remember that many Americans still believe the vodka straight national treasure and the only alcoholic drink, enjoying our demand.As it turned out, the Americans are perfectly oriented in a variety Russian liquor and often drink it.From the above points, it follows that in the opinion of Americans, the majority of Russian - alcoholics with the experience and exposure.Again, a pleasant.In America, confident that our boys and girls are among the most beautiful and attractive in the world.Our Putin knows all, without exception, even in America.However, not all known DAMedvedev.Our writers love to read, know in America.Russia is associated in America with Moscow, Sank-Petersburg and the Kremlin.However, only those cities are famous Russian cities for Americans.No one would never know how many rubles worth one dollar.It turned out that most are confident that Russian is still everywhere and always eat all black and red caviar.There are people in America who believe in bears, pacing the Red Square.As Americans are Russian?Our men think very strong physically.The lucky ones who visited Moscow and St. Petersburg, are impressed by what he saw very well respond about acquainted.In America, the Russian mafia is considered one of the most influential in the world.It is believed that Russian always sadness.There are those who belong to the Russian Asia.All are aware that such a soup.However, that's where the information about traditional Russian kitchen exhaust.Everyone has an idea of ​​what it looks like a real Russian church.Our matryoshka considered undoubted attribute of Russia and all who come to us, be sure to buy a souvenir.Most Americans believe that all people in Russia are very wealthy.