Earlier, in Soviet times had a clear definition of patriotism and vaccinated at an early age, sometimes in the form of forced, today respect and love for the state matter.

manifestations of patriotism

Who was a patriot and what appear patriotic feelings?Someone considers himself to be, because it speaks exclusively in the national language and honors the tradition, someone made a significant contribution to the history of the country, and someone gets sick every event in the life of the motherland.

Patriot respects and remember the history of his country, he takes pride and victory and defeat, without attempting to ridicule or humiliate the government. can feel patriotic feelings in the state in which you live, and can be found thousands of kilometers away to feel part of it.

course, can be called patriots the people who every day, putting their forces, working for the good of the country, teachers who bring respect to the state of children - future citizens.Patriotism is manifested in little things and develops in one a great sense of pride for the country.

Be a patriot - is to believe in the future of the country, to see prospects and committed to it, it's a shiver that chills the whole body at the first chords of the hymn.The Patriot is ready to dedicate his life to the motherland, to act in its interests, and to die for it, if it is necessary.

Patriotism and emigration

People often due to various circumstances leave the country.Maybe someone does because of the unwillingness to live where he was born, someone is forcing life, but the distance does not cause loss of patriotic feelings.When a person is living under a different sky is undergoing for the motherland, even in small things, such as a fan of a sports team, or it is not indifferent to the cultural events it is only respect. better educate and develop a sense of patriotism, than the sense of shame and hatred, after all the failures blamed his whereabouts meaningless.

If citizens do not penetrate its problems do not worry about its fate and do not respect it, they first laugh at himself, on his life story.Always the life of the horizon seems different, new and more promising, but no wonder they say that a well where there is no us.It is better to try to improve their native than stare at someone else, someone has created a state space.

country's future in the hands of its people, they create it positive or negative image of the other States, it is they who create its history.