Policy originated with the division of society into classes and, by definition, Lenin, was "a concentrated expression of economics."However, the policy, in turn, has a profound effect on the economy and other spheres of social life.If people live in society, and they have a common goal, and antagonism.The main contradictions - the distribution of material and spiritual wealth produced by society and its responsibility to the weak and bespomoschnymi.Razreshat conflicts between different sectors of the population can be by force of arms or relatively peacefully. Policy - it is a way to share the challenges and the only alternative to war.Therefore, we can say that most of the bad policy better than a good war. policy may change over time as changes the situation become known some facts, etc.Flexible politician
responsive to such changes and adjust the methods and perhaps the goal of action.However, core values ​​should remain unchanged, or flexibility can result in lack of principle and prodazhnostyu.Tochno the same principles in defending their own positions and resistance to change can result in conservatism and, as a result stagnation in the social and economic policies zhizni.Vneshnyaya decide on the country's relations with other states.Traditionally, politicians are divided into "hawks" and "doves", depending on their views on the ways of solving international problems. "Doves" seeking consensus and can make concessions, that look like a violation of the interests of their own country.Suffer any interests in fact, depends on the wisdom and far-sightedness of politicians: it is possible concessions to save the country from global nepriyatnostey.S the other hand, constantly compromising the interests of the state, politicians can inflict substantial harm. "Hawks" are aimed at power solutions to problems.A country's ability to defend itself - absolute good.However, a constant drain on the budget of the arms race and reduce social spending.In addition, if the conflict is resolved by military means, it may be distant, but very unpleasant consequences for the new generations of the victorious country.