First of all, we should define the terminology.For the majority of his contemporaries there is no difference between the concepts of "fascism" and "National Socialism".Fascism as an ideology was born in Italy and pursued goal of the revival of the Roman Empire on the basis of unity of the nation.National Socialism (Nazism) - a product of Hitler, contains the idea of ​​the superiority of the German nation above all other nations of the world.Theory of the state through the prism of Nazism was based on the creation of a single company, the racial society based on racial discrimination.Future assumed solely Aryan race, the others either had to be destroyed or to perform servicing functions.
One of the first nations, scheduled for total destruction, Jews began.The
idea of ​​the destruction of the Jews went to religious motives, prescribed in the Bible.It is known that the Jews crucified Christ, for which their descendants were doomed to be responsible for its existence.This has resulted in the persecution of the Jews in the Christian world, including in the Russian Empire.Not the fact that the Jews crucified Jesus, there are other versions, but in the form of National Socialism, the pursuit of purity of the nation, this idea fits perfectly.
For a moment Hitler confused by the fact that Jesus, in fact, he was a Jew, so attempts were made to completely rebuild the Christianity, where the divine nature should be of Aryan blood.Rebuild the centuries of the Christian ideology, certainly not under force was even such a fierce orator, like Hitler, but to convince the nation that all their troubles are to blame the Jews, it was not difficult.
The true background of the persecution of the Jews is more economic.After World War I, Germany was in a deep economic crisis.Great wealth was concentrated in the hands of Jewish industrialists and bankers, not because of the loss of Germany in the war, of course, but the fact remains that a large part of the intelligentsia, doctors, scientists were Jewish.The main objective pursued by Hitler, was the expropriation of property belonging to German Jews.
incitement to hatred on the technology worked the whole organization, the Jews were accused not only of the crucifixion of Christ, but also in the economic problems of the German people.For the people fanatically fully believed the Fuhrer did not require special proof, resulting in the world faced one of the worst crimes against humanity - the Holocaust.