Social policy - a set of principles, techniques and methods of state influence on the social aspects of society.Social policy can be carried out across the country as a whole and at the regional level.Social policy has multiple objectives, chief among which is considered to be the smoothing of social inequality in the country and the elimination of social tensions by improving the quality and standard of living.

Social policy includes such methods of social impact, as a policy in the sphere of taxation, pensions of citizens, social welfare and support of socially disadvantaged citizens, tax-free individual and regular payments to the population, as well as a number of other inherent in the variouscountries, according to their traditions and customs.

have any social policy should have its own strategy, which woul
d have the most general principles of the solution of certain social problems.In social policy should be its priorities, there are usually included:

- ensuring a normal level of a person's life from a young age to old age;

- to create optimal living conditions for families;

- ensuring the protection of constitutional rights and freedoms of citizens;

- implementation of social protection, protection of life and health.

In Russia the most acute social problems are:

- too large differences in income levels of various strata of citizens;

- deterioration of the demographic situation in the country, "aging" of the population;

- a small number of kindergartens and schools;

- the poor quality of the existing housing stock.

All the problems mentioned above - it is only the tip of the iceberg of the heap of problems that have accumulated since the collapse of the Soviet Union.They can be solved only when building a competent, clear and incremental social policy.