supreme authority, enclosing the Russians from the arbitrariness of officials, is the President of the Russian Federation.The official website of the head of state has a special section devoted to the appeals of citizens.Here the visitor has to fill out a form in which you want to enter your personal (last name, first name) and contact information for the response (address, phone, e-mail).Of course, you need to fill in the questionnaire fields only reliable information without distorting the personal information and avoiding mistakes.

Then you can move on
to writing electronic circulation.To place the text is a special form.The volume of letters is limited, but it is sufficient for a brief complaint.Prerequisite consideration is the availability of well-formulated question or complaint.As evidence of self-righteousness citizen can make electronic copies of documents and audio or video files.

Over the course of the complaint can be observed on the same website under "My Account".Admission is carried out for a given citizen password.The final answer will be sent to the recipient by e-mail or traditional mail.

Website of the Government of the Russian Federation also provides the ability to send an appeal.Rules for posting complaints similar to those in force on the Kremlin website.Pointing out basic information about themselves, the citizen can claim to summarize the work of officials.

officer of the government of the Russian Federation will review the email.Then he was sent to the federal executive body responsible for making decisions on a particular issue.The complainant will be notified of the progress of his question.At the end of the term of consideration of appeals as provided by law, citizens will receive a final response.

Report employees specific areas, such as education, health, etc., can be on the official website of the relevant ministry.You can find it by using any search engine.Requirements for the e-mail simple.After reviewing the rules, fill out the form, print a citizen in a special form of the text of the complaint.For example, we can see how the page looks requests the Ministry of Education website.

Report corruption and other violations and abuses by officials of different levels can be directly to the Prosecutor General of the Russian Federation.To do this, the site office established Internet desk, working in real time.The appeal will be considered by prosecutors or sent for review and decision by the authorized government agencies.Within months of the officials will be given an appropriate legal assessment.On the results of checks citizen complainant informed in writing.

Finally, to comment on the work of employees of regional executive authorities and local self-government on the site of the regional administration.Today, the majority of governors have a permanent internet reception, are official and unofficial blogs.Their addresses can be found through a search engine or to find out directly from the secretariat of the regional administration.Such e-applications will be considered on a common basis.