Actually, the rally - a massive presence of people in the designated place for the expression of views on the various problems of socio-political nature.Organize a rally capable of any person over 16 years, political parties, religious organizations and others. Do not have the right to organize meetings only incapable or partially capable persons, convicts held in detention, organizations and parties whose activities are suspended or banned.
to hold a rally, its organizer should be no earlier than 15 days and not later than 10 days prior to the meeting to submit to the local authority or executive authority of the Russian Federation notified the upcoming rally.The notification must specify the purpose of the meeting, the venue
of the meeting, the time, the approximate number of participants, a means of ensuring security at the rally and so forth. The agency can offer to change the place or time of the meeting.Not later than three days prior to the meeting organizer must inform the executive authority or local self-government on the acceptance or rejection of the proposal.The organizer of the rally is obliged to provide his conduct under the conditions agreed with the authorities, and to ensure its legality.
is worth remembering that in some places rallies prohibited.It:
1. areas adjacent to hazardous production facilities;
2. railways, power lines, and overpasses;
3. areas adjacent to the courts, prisons imprisonment, the residence of the President of the Russian Federation;
4. border zone.
rallies may not begin before 7 am and end after 11 pm.
from the date of notice of the meeting, the organizer has the right to start a public campaign.Agitation may be carried out in any form not prohibited by law (distribution of leaflets, verbal appeals, etc.).
scheme of preparation and holding of the meeting is as follows:
1. Within 15 days prior to the meeting to the appropriate authority served a notice on its holding.
2. campaigning begins.
3. Within 3 days of receipt of the notification made by the authorities and agreed upon a proposal to amend the conditions of the meeting.
4. Not later than 3 days prior to the meeting finally agreed conditions.
5. hold rallies.