life before moving to Moscow

Vladimir Putin for a long time lived and built his career in St. Petersburg.In the northern capital, he lived with his family in an ordinary apartment, which is on the second line of Vasilyevsky Island.The flat of 77 m2.This living space is still property of the family Putin, however, coming to St. Petersburg, the president stopped at his residence.In 1996, Vladimir Vladimirovich and his family moved to Moscow as head of the family was appointed deputy chief of staff president.

Moscow apartment

meteoric career in the capital led to the fact that soon Putin was appointed prime minister.After that Vladimir Vladimirovich has been provided in a luxury apartment building in the street Academ
ician Zelinsky in the house №6.Among neighbors, family Putin's large number of political figures of the time.In total, the house has 90 apartments.

Until now, this red brick house in a prestigious area of ​​Moscow is populated by officials and their families.It was there for a long time, and the family lived Putin.It is worth noting that this house is not easy.It is a safe shelter with several levels of protection.Among other things, the building set of bullet proof glass.In Moscow, Vladimir Vladimirovich is still registered in the apartment, but does not live there for a long time.

In 2000, Putin was elected president of the Russian Federation.In the same year he moved to the residence, which is located in Novo-Ogaryovo.These luxury apartments are located on Rublevo-Uspensky highway.Incidentally, this area is known for its traffic jams just because every morning it rushes presidential motorcade.

Novo-Ogaryovo residence is not only home to the president, but his workplace.Often here it takes high-ranking guests, and hosts a variety of workshops.For a comfortable stay and work in the residence are several buildings, including a special house for the reception as well as a home for their stay.In addition, the services of the President-equipped gymnasium, swimming pool, cinema room, stables and even a private chapel.

course, more time VVPutin conducts in Moscow, so the residence in Novo-Ogaryovo residence is considered to be his main home.However, apart from this luxurious place, the incumbent Russian president has additional residences in various cities of Russia, where he was stopped during a visit to a particular region.