After World War II Jewish refugees, who in the days of Nazi Germany were persecuted in many European countries, did not want to go back to where their friends and relatives killed, looted and burned in the concentration camps.The entire liberal world community sincerely sympathized with and sympathized with him and believed that the restoration of a Jewish state in Palestine should be a natural process.

However, the question of the further fate of the Jews and Palestinian Arabs have decided to British and American politics, public opinion had no effect on their decision.Against the emergence on the world map of an independent Jewish state acted absolute majority of Western politicians.Therefore, almost all researchers of thi
s issue agree that Stalin and Soviet diplomacy played a crucial role in the creation of Israel. According to the Bible, the Land of Israel was bequeathed to the Jews by God in order to become the promised land - here are all the sacred place of the Jewish people.

objectives of Stalin and the Soviet Union

close cooperation Zionist politicians headed by Ben-Gurion and the Soviet leadership began in the pre-war years, the first meeting was held in 1940 on the territory of the Soviet Embassy in London.After the war, the dialogue continued.Middle East under the threat of the beginning of a new world war has become a strategically important region.Realizing that the Arabs will not get the support of Soviet political leaders in general and Stalin in particular, we saw the prospect of the growing influence in the region only after the Jews.

actually interested in the fate of Israel was guided by Stalin in matters of foreign policy, personal ambitions expand the international influence of the Soviet Union in so far as.Support for Jewish leaders, above all, was aimed at weakening the influence of the UK and preventing the expansion of US influence in the Middle East.The Soviet government by its actions sought to create the conditions under which Arab states would fall in relation to the USSR.Also one of the major challenges faced by Stalin, was to ensure the security of the southern borders of the Soviet Union.

Actions taken

order to "squeeze" out of Palestine Britain with a mandate to manage a part of the Middle East, the Soviet leadership made all possible moves.Palestinian Jews in the second half of the 1940s in fact, waged war against Britain, which received financial and moral support from the USSR.When there was a question of placing a huge number of Jewish refugees in the territories of European countries, the Soviet Union made a proposal to send streams of immigrants to Palestine that did not suit Britain.

Under these circumstances, Palestine became a major problem for London, which led to the decision of the British government to refer the matter to the UN about it.It was the first victory of the Soviet and Zionist leadership to the creation of the Jewish state.The next step was the formation of Soviet diplomats views of the international community about the urgent need arose the creation of Israel.With this task the Foreign Ministry of the USSR coped successfully.

After making Britain the question of Palestine in the UN General Assembly in London left side, further struggle for the fate of these territories was between the USSR and the USA.As a result of the sessions of the US political leadership has not been able to beat the Soviet diplomats and to win over the majority of the participants in the meetings.Also in the final vote of 5 countries of the Soviet bloc have provided the necessary number of votes, which resulted in the issuance of the UN mandate for the establishment of the State of Israel.May 14, 1948, the day before the end of the British Mandate over Palestine, David Ben-Gurion proclaimed the establishment of an independent Jewish state in the territory allocated according to the UN plan. The day after the proclamation of the establishment of an independent Jewish state Arab League declared war on Israel, in Israel called "War of Independence".

role of the Soviet Union and Stalin personally to ensure the required number of votes was decisive.The Arab countries were very indignant at the position of the USSR and categorically decided the UN.Stalin Arab reaction is no longer interested in, now his goal was to do everything possible to accelerate the accession of a future independent Jewish state among its allies.