What is politics

politics as a sphere of activity includes the relations between individual states, classes, other social groups, nations and nationalities.In the center of the policy are the issues that are directly related to winning, use and retention of power in the state.The severity of the political struggle at the present stage of development of society is such that sets policy for the first number of the most urgent problems to be solved by civilization.

Politicians and those social forces that stand behind them, are actively involved in all the processes taking place in society, including the economy and culture.Governments, implementing the political program of the ruling circles, make and implement de
cisions that are important for the inner life of the state and to establish the relationship between the two countries within the international community.

basic mechanisms of political influence - it control over all areas of society, as well as measures of persuasion and coercion.An important role in the implementation of the political functions of the state legislatures play and structure in charge of the execution of laws.Company seeking to maintain its democratic nature, have to find a compromise between the submission of the citizens of the state and the requirements of free expression of their will by opposition groups.

role of politics in society

As a social phenomenon, the policy aims to fulfill a number of social functions.Through her social groups express and exercise their fundamental interests.By participating in political events, social movements, parties and other organizations are rallying to achieve its objectives, the main of which is the struggle for power.

A society achieves integration policy.Taking part in political events, citizens have the opportunity to join the resolution of social conflicts.Without political activity of the masses, any State may become ossified in the body is not able to change.Participation in policy for the citizens and social groups - school socialization and a way to express their civil position.

fundamental policy framework is considered to be society's need for self-organization and regulation of their activities.The Company, being a non-uniform in its composition, is divided into a plurality of groups, interests and motivations of which often do not coincide.The task of politicians and public figures is precisely to reconcile conflicting tendencies and find reasonable solutions that take into account the urgent needs of all segments of society.