the first time the concept of "bureaucracy" appeared in 1745.French economist Vincent de Gournay named as officials from consuming the real power of the monarch and the people.The German sociologist Max Weber, on the contrary, saw in the bureaucracy the necessary management system.He saw beneath the rational work of structures where each element works most effectively.

Bureaucratic structures existed even in ancient states.Professional management of different ancient Egypt and the Roman Empire.In imperial China had a complex hierarchy of officers of all ranks, who have tremendous power over his subjects.In Russia in the 16th century began to appear specialized bodies of public administration, so-called "orders."The reforms of Peter I set a new i
mpetus to the development of the bureaucracy.He replaced the hereditary boyars professional officials.Appeared Senat- highest bureaucratic body.

Bureaucracy has repeatedly tried to eliminate in the era of bourgeois revolutions, but to create a control system without the professionalization worked.Therefore bureaucratic structures still are not only preserved but also strengthened as a result of the increasing complexity of management.

bureaucracy - is a complex social phenomenon and its role in a democratic system is mixed.Typically, the word is used in a negative sense.And in most cases this is true.Bureaucracy distinguished inefficiency, incompetence, red tape, manipulation, worry only about their own well-being.On the other hand, they are aware of its power as a structure which carries out the decisions of the authorities.The bureaucracy, many see the threat of a democratic political structure.She tend to turn into a privileged layer, remote from the interests of the general population.This is most clearly manifested in the conditions of a totalitarian regime.

At the same time, rational bureaucracy - this is one of the most important inventions of social civilization.No modern state can not do without the advanced management system.Without it, social life just stops.Independent and strong bureaucracy needed to prevent corruption in politics, to save many democratic procedures.The system of administrative relations place the bureaucracy can be defined as an intermediate between the population and the political elite.It is in their work connects these two layers and contributes to the implementation of guidelines.This is its essential role in society and the state.