party system collapsed in the face of KPRSFSR and the CPSU.The activities only in the territory of the party in late 1991, were banned.Two years later, the entire system was abolished Soviets.Gradually, new parties and social movements.
1992 began a shock therapy in the form of price liberalization.The country embarked on the path of market relations.
Armed clashes due to ethnic conflicts in the former Soviet Union.Hot spots: Nagorno-Karabakh, Georgia, Abkhazia, South Ossetia, Tajikistan, Transnistria, Chechnya.For 8 years, the refugees began about 5 million and about 100 thousand. People died.
on the territory of the former Soviet republics were the national currency and the ruble zone disintegrated.
Instead of unified armed forces ha
ve formed the military structures of individual states.Employees of the former Soviet Union were invited to take the oath in the appropriate new state or resign.
Until 1997, continued friction between Russia and Ukraine on the status of the Black Sea Fleet.Then it was divided, and the Russian ships appeared on the St. Andrew's flag.
nuclear weapons from the former republics were taken to Russia.Kazakhstan, Ukraine and Belarus refused to be a nuclear power and the nuclear potential of Russia passed.
After the collapse of the Soviet Union cut off funding for Baikonur.In 1994 he signed an agreement with Kazakhstan on the long-term lease of the cosmodrome.
independent states replaced the Soviet passports to national.Population change citizenship.With Turkmenistan, Georgia, Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia established the visa regime.
the Kaliningrad region was cut off from other areas of Russia.Crimea and Sevastopol city remained part of Ukraine, which were transferred in 1954 as a sign of the reunification of Ukraine and Russia.There were differences over territorial boundaries between the new states.Some issues were resolved only by 2007.
All 15 former republics recognized by the world community as an independent and presented to the UN.In international affairs Russia became the successor of the Soviet Union, that is recognized by other states.
vyvshego Citizens of the USSR have experienced painful experiences, some were not able to adapt to changes and to realize themselves in the new society.