Who are smerdy today

In modern dictionaries of the Russian language the word filthy peasant interpreted as a farmer - free or independent, who after the XIV century was called a farmer.In common version it is believed that after the elimination of the boyars republics at the end of the XV century, the term "serf" loses social significance and saved in everyday speech as a derogatory nickname.Based on this, the second meaning of the word, portable, indicated similar meaning to the pejorative verb "to stink."For example, "A man of humble origin" at TF Ephraim (Dictionary of Russian language Ephraim);"Commoners neznatny people, as opposed to the prince, vigilantes" (explanatory dictionary of Ushakov).As the words are synonyms: plebeian, bone black, man, the cook's son, grimy.Currently,
filthy peasant - a dirty word, insulting.So we call a person bad-smelling - both literally and figuratively.That is, it has acquired a complete personal characteristic.

stinks in ancient Russia

There is a version that the word originally surnamed smerdy all human population engaged in farming.Not coincidentally, it was supplanted by it who came to the Mongol-Tatar yoke new word "peasant" the same general meaning.Stinks led communal housekeeping and were free or dependent in different periods and under the circumstances.As a result, we obtained new nicknames.

With the development of private land ownership in Russia, smerdy communes fell into a princely feudal dependence.However, they were legally free men, unlike slaves, ryadovichey and purchase.However, due to current economic circumstances, free serf could move into the category, for example, to buy.Such economic and legal dependence arises when the peasant serf took Kupu (loan) from the feudal to the amendment of their own economy.During the course of duty, he was obliged to return with interest, filthy peasant became completely dependent on votchinnik.And in the case of an attempt to escape from the commitments he could be transferred to the category obelnogo (complete) and to become a slave, in fact, a slave.However, in the case of repayment, purchase of regaining full freedom.
stinks could also go into the category of ryadovichey.Ryadovichami people just called class, which is a master agreement ("row") of the ministry.As a rule, they performed the function of small business executives or used in various rural works.