Naladte good relations with roommates.It is the primary task.After all, these people you will live side by side for years.Do not be afraid, do not fawn, do not lie and do not try to command.Be friendly, but once cross any attempts to sit around your neck.It should be a time to agree to run for a beer or a clean room out of turn, and the reputation of the weakling you provided.The same applies for the senior rate.Remember hostel - not the army.No one will kick you tarpaulin boots and forced to clean a toilet toothbrush.But attempts to make you a servant of it is possible.After the "authoritative" old-timers will be convinced of your i
ndependence, they will be left behind.
handle money properly.Usually hostel live is not the most wealthy students, and the lack of money for them - a common occurrence.Learn how to save money and do not get into debt, if your budget is very modest.And do not tell anyone how much money you have in fact, even if you can afford to dine in the restaurant.Lovers live for others in the hostel enough.But if you have a few people in the general room, it does not mean that you have to share the rest.
Take part in parties and hanging out.It is not necessary to break away from the group.Such smug do not enjoy the respect and love.It is not necessary to get drunk to unconsciousness that you recognized his board.Believe in hostel possible and have fun, and take one to five sessions.It is only a matter of self-organization and desire.
Learn how to make friends.It is very useful to be able to defend their views and not to succumb to provocations.But equally important is the time to come to help, if someone really need it.Do not short in themselves and do not look around just enemies.Often acquaintances and friendships that have appeared in the dormitory , people retain a lifetime.