Gaius Julius Caesar - Gaius Iulius Caesar - was born in Rome a hundred years before the Christian era and belonged to an ancient family of Julian.The family was not rich by the standards of those times, and no father Julius Senior nor his brothers had any significant influence in the Roman Republic.However, Julius received a thorough education, and what was then the least, excellent physical fitness.At 16, he lost his father, 17 - married, and then joined the ongoing political struggle in the country, but with the "party members" fell out of favor with the rulers, and was forced to go away from the capital.In Asia, he did military service, and thanks to the noble birth
and served some diplomatic missions.

Talent Caesar as a military commander is certain - without it hardly would have come down to us his name.Because of Military Merit during his service he received the sign of military decorations (corona civica), which automatically made him a senator.Back in Rome, Julius thanks to performances in the Senate and constantly improving public speaking skills gained in popularity, and once again involved in the political struggle.More than once he sought authority for military action in neighboring countries in North Africa and the British Isles.As commander Caesar managed to multiply the influence of Rome.He became the absolute ruler in the civil war against Pompey - then head of the Roman state.Beginning with the first water war until the end of his career he was repeatedly elected dictator - then it was just a set of emergency rules issued for a specified period.Caesar won a military victory over Pompey and as a result became the ruler of Rome, combining the powers of a dictator and consul.Over the years, he actually became the autocratic monarch, combining the highest public office, but while remaining within the framework of the constitution of the republic.

44 years before the Christian era, Caesar was assassinated by conspirators at a meeting of the Senate.Board of Caesar has left an indelible mark in the history not only of ancient Rome, where the word "Caesar" later became the title of the rulers.From this word - caesar - took the title "King" and "Kaiser".