Get an official supporter of the party "United Russia".To do this, fill out the form on this site is the Central Council of the supporters of the party "United Russia", and read our supporters, you can find there.
Give the completed form to the regional office of the party "United Russia".Addresses and contact information for the local branch of the party can be found on the official website of "United Russia".After 6 months of confirmation of stay among the supporters of the party, you can join the "United Russia ».
Check out the charter and program of the party "United Russia".They are available for perusal on the official website of the party.This condition is mandatory for
admission to the "United Russia".
Complex Fill the application form to join the party "United Russia" party member and a questionnaire.They are available on the website under "Join the Party" in the format of Excel.Put your signature, that you consent to the processing of personal data.
obtain a written recommendation of the Council of the party's supporters in the region you live.You can also obtain letters of the current members of the party "United Russia".
Grant application for membership, application and letters of recommendation to the local branch of the party.You will be assigned to a job interview.Application for membership in the "United Russia » is considered within a period not exceeding three months from the filing date.
Complete interview at the appointed time.The decision to include a person in your party membership will be made by open ballot, which will be attended by full members of the party in your area.
pay the membership fee, if you have the desire, because they are voluntary.You get a membership card.