Barack Obama - President of the Democratic Party

Barack Obama became the fifteenth Democratic president in United States history.After the next elections, held in 2012, the Democratic Party won its president and a majority of seats in the Senate, but the House of Representatives in the number of deputies conceded the Republican Party.This arrangement helps to maintain the balance of forces in the political life of the country, but it makes the President to exercise considerable flexibility.

future 44th president of the United States and graduated from Columbia University School of Law at Harvard.Actively involved in the editing of the university organ, he worked as a lawyer defendi
ng the civil rights of their clients.In 2004, Obama became a senator from Illinois, gaining more than two-thirds of the votes.In 2007, Barack Obama publicly stated his desire to become president.At the national congress in 2008 his candidacy received broad support from Democrats.

Obama became the first African American who took the highest office USA.In the elections of 2008, he was way ahead of the number of votes the Republican candidate John McCain.The following year, Obama has received the Nobel Peace Prize.So it was marked by his efforts to strengthen international diplomacy.The success of the new president allowed him in 2012 to occupy the presidency for the second time.

From the history of the US Democratic Party

US Democratic Party was founded in the last decade of the XVIII century, therefore, rightly considered the oldest party in the country.In the formation of political associations participated directly Thomas Jefferson.The Democratic Party was conceived as a popular force that could withstand the political elite of the time were grouped under the banner of the Federalists.

During the sharpening of the struggle for the abolition of slavery Democrats argued for the preservation of the privileges of slaveholders.The views of prominent members of the Democratic Party reflect the interests of the large planters in the South.In the first half of the XIX century, this party held a dominant position in the political system of the country.After losing the Civil War, supporters of the Democratic Party have been forced for decades to go into the shadows.Second Breath party received only at the beginning of the last century.

In modern America, the Democrats actively support the social and economic reforms, in favor of increased spending on the needs of the population.The Democratic Party is fighting for the development of high technologies and the preservation of a clean environment.Democrats also advocate a total ban on the death penalty and the introduction of restrictions on the arms trade inside the country.