We should discard complexes and stop shade.If the interviewee is working in an area with which you are totally unfamiliar with it and do not have common interests, do not worry if you say it right.Ask to talk about what you do not know.Use conversation as an opportunity to broaden my horizons.Do not hesitate to ask questions, where something is not clear.Companion will be pleasing to your interest, he would be happy to communicate and finds you interesting person.
Learn to listen.You can keep the conversation going even if you do not own the main theme or she is exhausted.As a rule, the source mentions in a conversation related details that directly to the main subject doe
s not belong.Memorize them and when the conversation begins to fade, go back to them again and revive the conversation.
Sometimes the person with whom you are talking, laconic and detailed questions gives monosyllabic answers.In this case, use the so-called "bridges" - the words "For example", "You", "I".Upon hearing this word, after a brief answer, people will be forced to continue the conversation, explaining the idea in more detail.And to start up a conversation.Just remember that the last word "bridge" is necessary to stress and slightly lean back, showing a willingness to listen.
Use magical effect nod to maintain a conversation.Nodding interlocutor constitutes acceptance of speaking, unconsciously has the latter to frankness.Even if he was silent, he makes a few nods, and he spoke again.
Use in conversation support and encourage the phrase "Yes, yes", "understand", "True" or "Continue, continue."These phrases stimulate the interlocutor for the continuation of the conversation and complete answers.Using simple techniques will help to maintain a conversation with anyone, and to pass a pleasant companion.