Accept mistakes.

All people make mistakes.Accept what you did wrong, and try to do better next time.You do not need to punish yourself, because, in fact, to recognize their mistakes - this is the only way to make them disappear.
Take errors friends, relatives and acquaintances.

Maybe you once in my life have suffered because of a loved one.Sometimes.You just have to accept this situation and deal with it.I repeat - people make mistakes.
Create a new habit.

We do a lot of things on autopilot, so it is difficult to admit that something new in your life, to develop a new habit.I propose to start by creating a habit in 15 days, and then she just come into your life.
Build self-discipline.

Do not wait for other people do not set your discipline.Start early, create your own discipline.Althoug
h it sounds a bit harsh, but self-discipline is the mediator of many things in life.
Search for new friends.

Reach out.Do not be afraid.Establish new contacts.The worst thing that can happen to you - is the deviation of friendship.But if this ever
beware, you will not see this faithful friendship.
get a new job.

quality of your comfort zone will always be of great value, so if you are not satisfied with your work, then you just need to find a better option.
start a new diet.

If you do not care what you eat, try to start a new diet will improve your health and energy.Not necessarily you have to eat raw or vegetarian food, just make up the complex of the power that you could have maintained for a long period of time.
Keep a diary.

Write down your feelings, ideas, goals.Keeping a diary is certainly one of the most useful things to change your life for the better.All you need - a pen and paper.
Create a perfect morning.

All that you say to yourself in the morning, turns throughout the day.Why not use it?Search for phrases and quotes that inspire you and read them aloud in the morning, carefully delving into the meaning of each word.

traveling long distances are incredibly useful.After all, life is so exciting and full of unknowns.
Learn to take risks.

Your life can go so boring if you constantly question and seek simpler solutions.Do not be afraid to do something risky, because if you do not make a major step, then your life is not likely to change.
start their own business.

be your own boss, manage their time.Business - it's a big risk, but you do not have to constantly work on someone.
Edit workspace.

Clean your desk, re-arrange furniture, add colors.Make it a place where you work on your taste really nice.It's so nice that the work will be perceived better.It will be something that you love to do!
learn a new language.

If you are going to make the number 10, this item You need to be sure.Learning a new language, as the experience of many people, is a fascinating process, so do not dwell only in the national language, you have all the opportunities to learn new things.
Find reasons to disagree.

in various spheres of society constantly event of a dispute, and most parties to the dispute are not interested in other people's opinions, their main goal - to defend their point of view.We must stop it.Force yourself to agree with the right decision.
provide for themselves.

You can not give something weighty society if you can not provide for themselves.Can not when peers energy of life on others, if it is not you.Therefore it is necessary to introduce such a habit - start with yourself.
Getting up early.

It's not a habit, a way of life.Be around earlier and faster than others.Waking up early is to have every opportunity for a great start to the day.
Be careful.

your attention, in fact, your reality.Use it wisely.Keep your focus sharp as a razor blade, and get the opportunity to see new life.

This will give you the opportunity to learn something new and valuable, and bring new people into your life.Blogs - it's much more than advertising, is a new development tool.
write a book.

You may think that you do not have this talent, which is absolutely not correct.Start writing books, any books: a self-development, detectives, children's books.More imagination, you will succeed.
Do not try to be the best.

desire to be perfect ruin your life.This will destroy all the slightest flaws that make you a man.
Spending time consciously.

You'll be surprised how much load can perform throughout the day.After all, most of the time and life as a whole, many are used to carry out unconsciously.If you have a long history of setbacks behind it is necessary to start planning each day.
find reasons to love life.

Maybe life is not all right with you, but it's fantastic.You're all invented.Life - it is a gift, unique gift, so use it!Just take a step back, thank the universe for all the good things that happened to you.
to try something new.

Maybe you are sad, because your life is boring?Try something completely new and unexpected for themselves.Learn a new sport, Participate in cross-country bike races or look new genre of film.Just try it.
Avoid fighting.

fight for anything - it is a big drain your energy.Realize that you live, work, play sports, to know the wonders of life, and not to prove his own innocence and dignity.
Do not waste time.

time - important life stuff that so often we spend relentlessly.Take something really stoyuschaya, do not waste your energy and strength.
learn to ignore.

We thought so much about things that should not have a place in our lives.Our lives are literally packed with unnecessary material.Learn to ignore it means to learn to tune in to their own goals.

How long have you said "thank you"?With all your heart?Everyone knows that thanks to - the key to success, but almost nobody does it every day.
Throw aggression.

Do not throw it away, but dispose of it!Aggression is part of our existence, but are constantly getting stuck in it, you can miss a lot, so try to put the same energy into something really stoyuschee.
Release rules.

Do not touch it!Do not eat it!Do not go for this opportunity!Such cries you hear when you want to do something that really want.Get rid of them, and you will succeed more.
clean house.

It's fun and good for you.Make a habit of cleaning your home from rubbish.As they say, "what is outside, then the inside."If your house is a mess, and probably your whole life is a disaster.
Write a personal mission.

You are here for a reason.No matter how small and insignificant you feel now, you must have goals.This will bring the light and the direction of your life.
Dissolve negative opinion of himself.

Take their weaknesses and start working on them.Nobody is perfect.
develop skills.

Do not stop learning.Do not stop at one, it's incredibly boring.Learn new, because life is diverse, and you always have the chance to use it.
manage money.

Do not waste your money for nothing.The next time before going to the store, make a list of what you really need to buy.