Do not just thank

Thanks - word of Russian origin.It emerged from the fusion of the phrase "God help us."In everyday life it is rooted in the early 20th century, almost replacing a word of thanks (outdated and thank you).

How to say thank you and to say it at all - a private matter.But you can not just say thank you, but really to express my sincere gratitude.Besides - this word-ward.When people utter thank them (albeit unconsciously) give to whom grateful amulet, turning to God and "including" a kind of defense mechanism.

word thank (I give the benefit) is an expression of approval.In response to any good person who thanks in turn makes good and returns a powerful impetus to the approval - a great incentive for personal growth.Thanks

has a very good effect on people.She remembered, happy, sometimes even pleasantly surp
rised when people think that they give thanks for anything (and they are not embarrassed responsible for what).All people deserve thanks for all that they have, for all the good things in life, and for what, thanking, you can get more.

thank word - it is a gift.Even if there is a real gift to give, you can always say thank you.Sometimes it is more important than the gift and, of course, raises the donor in the eyes of others, encouraging future to greater generosity.Talking Thank you and thank you, people share the joy, love, peace and, of course, good.

whom and for what thank

People need to be sure to thank.Parents - because every minute of their lives, they give their children.Children - for presented their parents joy and continuation of life.Favorite, because they are from the planet's billion people have chosen you and love and accept such what you are.Teachers who show objective way and the ways to achieve.Pupils who gratefully accept the knowledge, accumulating the wisdom of mankind.Brothers and sisters, not just blood, but in the Spirit, who together go through life and help at any moment.Native, who form a family and have strong support.Friends with whom you can split any adversity and greatest joy.Colleagues that make professional life interesting.Chiefs, who for their own good care about the welfare of his subordinates.Subordinates who work honestly and selflessly for the good of the whole team.Neighbors who diversify the way of life and are suppliers of various kinds of information.

All people deserve thanks.Saying thank you for investing in a true sense - is not just a cultural and beautiful.It is a way to save humanity from extinction.