Start with treatment.It may look like a normal memo.In the upper right corner of the write name of the person that is accessed, specify the scope of his office or authority.Thereby you show that to date, with what and whom you are dealing, and are serious.
Enter information about yourself.Also, shall describe, what's your name, where you work, and what position to occupy.Mention the role played by the firm or organization to which there is a claim, for example, "regular customer of your store" or "owner of an annual subscription to your public
ation."Let the recipient will understand that to deal with your problem it is essential, otherwise the company risks losing a regular customer.
Describe your claim to the organization.Literally 2-3 sentences express the basic essence.Do not load extra words lyrics, dry and in fact - the cause of discontent, the date and time of the incident, taken earlier action on your part to resolve the situation.
Proceed to the description of the situation.Here the detail, in every detail, shall describe everything that happened.Describe is all that pops up in mind that the investigation did not say that you are "attributed to" their own fantasies or fairy tales.Mention all the way up emotions on the face of the man who was the cause of the complaint, the smell and color of the things that you were not satisfied and so on.
describe what is happening in stages.It is not necessary to repeat all the messy, what was going on around you.Action for action, tell the whole sequence of the chain of events.If a passage in the commentary needs, can give them in parentheses after the description of what happened.
Be nice and discreet in your letter.It is possible that the authorities, who addressed a letter, nothing to blame, and elevated tone only make them angry, and nothing good will come of it.Once again, select the end of their position and be sure to mention that the wait for a response to his letter.