work on any bill begins with a decision.Action plans on drawing up laws in Russia annually approved by the lower house of parliament - the State Duma.The initiative in this case may come from the president or the government, as well as other bodies, the list of which is provided by law.Order one of its committees on the preparation of the law can develop the Parliament itself.
The original version of the bill is developed on a departmental or branch principle.This approach makes it possible to involve the preparation of a document qualified and competent professionals.In most cases, orders are more interested agencies and judicial bodies (the
Prosecutor's Office, Interior Ministry, and so on).Members of the legislative process at the first stage of developing the original text of the law.
In preparing the laws of national importance can be applied another principle that involve only the members of the standing committees of Parliament.In this way the laws are made to hold a national referendum, elections or the status of the people's representatives.In some cases, the process is connected social organizations, political parties and trade unions.
begin drafting the law, members of the working group taking as a basis the scientific concept that is consistent with existing law.Defines the objectives and the subject of the forthcoming regulation, scheduled exemplary structure of the bill.All major regulations are justified and supported by calculations and arguments qualified.
When the first version of the law has been prepared, it is passed to the discussion, bringing to this process a wide range of authoritative experts, representatives of ministries and departments, public.Working out the details of the document is conducted not only in the central power structures, but also on the ground - in the regions, republics, the big cities.The provisions of the bill as submitted for discussion in the media: radio and television.
At the final stage of preparation of the law held preliminary parliamentary reading and discussion of the project at meetings of the relevant committees of the legislature.The focus of the legislators to give full legal assessment of the provisions of the future law: it must not contradict the norms of existing legislation.Only after this bill is passed entirely made up for the official consideration and approval of the legislature.