an appointment at the embassy carried out for all the citizens of the Russian Federation and representatives of other countries in the single queue mode and regardless of the type of issue or problem.The only exceptions are emergencies.Think Before recording task, the date and timing of your treatment, choose the most convenient time to visit the embassy.There are several ways to write.
You may enroll online at any time.This system is convenient for the fact that is free of charge.True, it exists so far only in English, versions in Russian and German are in development.To write on the site need to be evidence of a Russian passport, and for children up to 14 years - the data of his birth certificate.If the application is not a Russian citizen, he brings his passport data.Even
if you are applying for the grant types in the consular department of the embassy or visa application center in Germany for Russian citizens are not required to have a passport at the time of filing this application, it will be required only during the filing.
Record to apply for a visa at the consular department of the embassy or visa application center can be a maximum of 12 weeks before the desired date of interview.It should be remembered that the consular department deals with all types of national visas: student, immigration, visas for family reunification or language courses for more than 90 days.Tourist visas engaged in visa center.Recording is made on the number of passports of all the citizens who want to obtain a visa.Re-entry is not made in order to reduce queues at the embassy.If you want to sign up for a different date, you first have to cancel a request to submit documents on the site or wait until its term expires.
Be careful when filling the application: if you correctly fill in the numbers of passport or birth certificate, you will not be allowed in the visa section and will have to appoint a different date of filing.For the convenience of users on the site of the German Embassy in Russia has detailed instructions on how to use electronic records.
second way to write to the embassy will call on the phone.During the call will be charged the usual fee for long-distance calls.To record the required details of your passport.Receive calls on weekdays from 8.30 to 17.00, during the official Russian holidays phone is not working.
Appointments documents can be in the embassy in person.To do this on Monday or Thursday to come to the embassy with 8.15 to 09.00, with a take a Russian passport, and the passport, if any.Record by phone or at the embassy is no different from the electronic and does not have the advantages of the earlier records all applications fall into one database.The only difference between the personal record is that it can not be undone.Therefore it is good think over the most suitable date for the visit to the embassy records to not have the right to expect the day again.