Consider the agenda of the meeting.Since the report and the election - one of the important issues, the turnout in this case is expected to peak.Therefore, in addition to the agenda of these themes can include other pressing issues that you discuss with the members of your association.Decide on the time and place where it will take the report and election meeting .The room where it is planned to conduct, should be made generally available and large enough to accommodate everyone.
Inform all concerned to hold report-election meeting.To do this, send out invitations indicating the agenda, date and place of the meeting.Hang ads with th
is information in a place where they could see the largest number of members of the association.If necessary, such an announcement place in the media and on television.
Organize registration of participants, which should start in half an hour before the meeting.Assign the Registrar in sufficient quantity, to top it all to come have the opportunity to provide their personal data.Usually, this is the first name and patronymic, organization or its structural division, address, place of incorporation or residence, contact details.
Elect the chairman and secretary of the meeting.Please note that the chairman of the meeting shall be elected Chairman of your elected body.If necessary, if required by the statutes, elect a Credentials Committee, which verifies the credentials of the members, if they are selected from the group of members of the association.
The Secretary shall keep minutes.The minutes reflect the number of delegates or members of the association present at the meeting, who was elected chairman, the secretary and what the voting results.
Chairman elected body is a progress report.The minutes reflect the total voting with the assessment - it is recognized as satisfactory or not.Meeting shall hear the proposal for the new composition of the electoral body, to discuss and vote on each candidate separately.The voting results were reflected in the report.
After all the issues that were identified in the agenda are discussed, the chairman of the meeting should close it and sign the minutes together with the secretary of the meeting.