Before the meal, take a napkin, which is designed for individual use, expand and the bed on his knees.So you Protect a dress or pants from accidental drops, crumbs or splashing.After the meal, this cloth can be wiped his fingers, lip to properly use its own handkerchief.
usually take the food from the plate with a fork, spoon, tongs or a spatula.But there is also a range of products that should be taken very hands (cookies, breads, fruits, pastries, citrus and sugar).Wrong nibble on a piece of bread, it would be correct to break off small pieces with your fingers.In some restaurants, the bread is cut into small pieces.When a red or black caviar on a special spatula on his plate, and then spread it on small pieces of bread.L
ikewise, eating butter and paste, using a special knife for buttering.
Olives eat special coffee spoon or a special plug.Bones picks up a spoon and place on a plate.Ordered oysters served disclosed.Take the shell in his left hand and a fork separate shellfish, sprinkle with lemon juice and suck.Warm appetizers (eg stuffed eggs) eaten without a knife, prick with a fork diner and send in your mouth.
However, lobsters, crayfish, crabs and shrimp are served special cutlery - a sharp knife with a hole (via break out with his claws) and a two-pronged fork.Open the crab shell with a knife and remove the meat with a fork.Also on the table is served with a cup of acid water for rinsing hands, she placed on the left of the main plate.
big, hot and multilayer sandwiches to eat with a knife and fork.If you have the usual manner (ie holding), then you get your hands dirty and you can drop the top layer of clothing or cloth.Casseroles, puddings and other snacks of vegetables eat with a fork without the knife.Spaghetti on the fork and screw the rapidly put in your mouth.
Surely you are accustomed to eating poultry dishes hands, but it is absolutely not allowed in the restaurant.Posted serving, divide the joints with a knife and fork, with individual pieces will be much easier to handle.Cut the meat from the outside of the bone.Some restaurants serve grilled chicken wrapped in foil.In this case, it is assumed that the customer will eat the flesh of his arms.Certainly served with a cup of water, where you can rinse your hands after a meal.
fish dishes is a special fork and knife shaped like a small narrow blade.Hold the fork in the left hand and the knife in the right, separate the skin, and then the meat from the bones.Popeye did not spit out the bones on a plate, put them in a bowl with a fork, standing on the side of the main.
ordered soup eat, scooping spoon away from you, or you might accidentally splash suit.Scoop up as much liquid as you can convey to the mouth without spilling.Trays spoon to his mouth wide left edge.Not supposed to cool the soup by stirring, better wait for it to cool down on their own.Eat quietly, do not blow in a spoon.Meatballs and dumpling soup, divide into pieces with a spoon.