you need
  • - A4 paper;
  • - pen;
  • - a computer with Internet access.
Prepare a text message to the President.You can refer to the head of state from himself personally or on behalf of a group of people united by a common opinion, for example, residents of the house.In any case, the letter must specify the name, first name, address and telephone number of one of the authors.Otherwise, your circulation will remain unanswered becausePresidential Administration staff simply will not know where and to whom to send the documents.
Remember that the letter should contain the true facts, the description of real events, real names of people.Do not use profanity, rude and offensive language to distort reality.In addition, the appeal to the President must contain specific and well-defined basic idea: a complaint, request, statements, offers, etc.
attach to the main text copies of documents confirming the facts as described by you.It could be the responses received from officials at various levels, and medical records, and various certificates, certificates, decisions.The electronic form of treatment also allows you to attach a file containing the video or audio recording.
Decide which way you want to send the message.If you find it more convenient traditional form, buy an envelope at the post office and complete it by the existing rules.Legibly fill in the column "To", "Where", "From" and "Location".The destination address, specify the following: 103132, Moscow, ul.Ilinka, d.23.Lines intended for the sender, enter your full postal address.Make this a must, even if you already listed personal details in the letter.Send a written request from you by registered post with acknowledgment of receipt to the recipient, who will perform the President's Administration.
To reduce the time for sending messages, use the electronic means of communication.The official website of the President of the Russian search for "treatment."It is available to send an e-mail message to the President.Before you complete it, please read the attached instructions.Site rules limit the amount of text and the attached file is forbidden to write a Latin and highlight snippets of text in capital letters.
Fill preceded by an electronic form.Specify only the real information about themselves.Pay special attention to filling the fields marked with an asterisk.Check personal data and correct any errors.Think and remember the password for "My Account".In this section of the website you will be able to track the progress of consideration of your message.
send a complaint or a request can also be through the "Electronic reception."It is an information system that is directly linked to the Presidential Administration.Specialized terminals installed in 186 cities of Russia.Taking advantage of one of them, a citizen can personally convey the message orally or in electronic form, as well as make an appointment with an official in the video mode.Check the address "Electronic reception of the President of the Russian Federation" in your area can be in the regional administration or the official website of the Kremlin.The site also contains detailed instructions on how to work with the system.