Never attempt to convince the troll on your right, leading many good arguments.In general discussion with that person - it's a waste of time.He was not interested in the opinions of other people, it is important in its response, the possibility of anger, hurt, hurt to the quick.
Do not feed the troll, ieDo not write him a message, which give new opportunities to offend you.In particular, do not talk about themselves, their hobbies, principles.Troll will write messages as long as it does not block any account until he was tired.The best option - to be boring, banal and short answer or even ignore the troll posts.
answers seldom.Trolls often do not like the long wait
for their message someone will answer.Write every 2-3 days or even less, and you will probably find it too slow and boring and leave the victim alone.However, if a lot of the discussion participants, this method may fail.
not take troll said to heart, especially if it goes to the person.Remember, its purpose - to offend, make you argue, angry, lose his temper.You may even agree with the troll, and if it is not too experienced, your behavior will knock him off.For example, he knows that you love cats and says who these animals are disgusting, go to the toilet anywhere, etc.Do not take his words seriously and write a detailed message in defense of the word troll.
If you encounter too experienced a troll, negotiate with other participants in the discussion and start actively talking, examining in detail the identity of the troll, but ignoring all the messages he wrote.Pretend that it generally is not here, but you just wash up bones to him in his absence.Provocations troll will not work, and he quickly tired of hearing about bad things himself, unable to speak and direct the discussion back on track.