The Russian Federation Constitution of the State provided for universal suffrage, based on seven principles.Any sane adult citizen of Russia has the right to elect and be elected.
direct elections in Russia, ie,the voter to vote in elections for or against a candidate (list of candidates) directly.This Constitution enshrines the voluntary choice, that is,to make or not to go to vote can not be human.
Since 2012, Russia's practice of "single voting day" - one of the spring Sunday and one of autumn allocated for the organization of elections throughout the country, in this day work absolutely all election commissions, includingabroad.
Since 2013, all polling stations and put CC
TV system, as well as organized the online broadcast of the voting process on the Internet.This is done in order to avoid falsification of the results will of citizens.
week before the date fixed for the election officers Election Commission shall notify each citizen living in the territory entrusted to them (polling station), the date and place of voting.
6 Arriving at the polling station in the community with an identity document, a citizen must register (sign in front of his name and passport details) and obtain a ballot.
Ballots are not subject to the numbering, and nobody has the right to try to identify him, t. E. The identity of the voter.
Elections to the Russian secret, to preserve the secrecy of the areas organized voting booth - most often it is the screen on the stand and the handle.
Going into the booth, a citizen should be familiar with the ballot and put a mark in front of his chosen candidate.Until recently, citizens could vote against all candidates on the list, but today this practice is ruled out.
Bulletin puts the citizen at the ballot box, which is usually located in the center of the room in mind.The urn can be electronic, and then, passing through the reader, the newsletter is taken into account, and the information in it is read by the system and entered into the database.This feature allows you to back-up control of the counting of votes, but the disclosure until after the voting is strictly prohibited.The transparent ballot box or urn-cabinet papers just are such that to get them out is only possible to open a special lock.
All elections shall end at 20:00 local time.After the completion of the voting day electoral commission under the supervision of independent observers begins to count the ballots.This is a long and laborious procedure.During the night, the committee members and observers have the right to announce the preliminary results of the elections.Not later than three days announces the results of elections - held or not, as well as official data of the first count.The candidate or the party with the most votes win the election is considered.