Tip 1: How to put a monument

Installation monument on its own - it is heavy.However, this statement is true only if the person is not familiar with the operating procedures.So the monument of material polimergranit (POLIGRAN) can be set in two ways.The first method is easier, but is it to use the services installer monuments.But this way, and will cost more.The second way - to erect a monument manually.His we analyze.
On the site of the proposed flower bed, remove the side ground level the site.Then put a flower bed on the ground, thus leaving an imprint.
Lift the flower garden and prepare two iron bars (rebar diameter of 14-19 mm and length 1.2-1.4 m).Put bars on the ground parallel to each other, the distance between them is 80 cm. The valve must be based on on-site flower garden that from his alleged edges to the axis of the valve was about 15 cm. Then, set the flower garden on the valve, and then expose it to the level.
flower Fill the earth and tamp all the cavities.Beat in two armaturiny l
and diameter of 18 mm and a length of 1 m through holes provided in the top of pedestals.Beating bars, leave allowance of 15-20 cm above the pedestal.
now prepare a bucket of sand and cement solution, taking them in the ratio of 6: 1.Water add on your own.Now fill the cabinet with this solution, proshtykovav it through the holes in the cabinet.Now you need to prepare a solution even for the obelisk.You will need two buckets similar solution.It must be sufficiently pliable.
Turn obelisk cast aside to the solution.Cover the opening of the obelisk of polyethylene film, and go around the edges and secure with tape on the stele.So when you install the solution obelisk outside does not fall out.Then gently turn the obelisk and put it on a stand, spitted on the pins protruding from the stone right through the plastic film.Then, just lift the obelisk, remove the film and then align it with the center and pat flat sides, so that compressed the reinforcement solution, falling down.
Now connect the solution with a solution of the obelisk located in the cabinet, to form a single whole.It remains only to wipe the edge of the monument from the solution using a cloth or soft cloth.

Tip 2: Where to install memorial to Steve Jobs

first monument to the legendary figure of the IT industry was raised in Budapest, capital of Hungary, in December 2011. Steve Jobs statue was cast in bronze commissioned by the companyGraphisoft, which he at one time had significant support.
Where to install a monument to Steve Jobs

July 23, 2012 "IT Progress Fund" announced a competition for the concept of erecting a monument to Stephen Jobs in St. Petersburg.For participation in it it was filed nearly 200 applications, and their authors were not only from Russia but also in Europe, USA, Canada, Indonesia.The jury consisted of IT experts and top managers of the holding "ZEFS" a foundation.Also took part in the vote of Internet users.

got to the final 25 projects, of which were highlighted 3 applications.Jobs "He presented progress", which received the third place is a cube in a large transparent apple.Each side of the cube contains a QR-code, which can be decrypted using a smartphone.

Under the concept of "Stella infinity", the memorial should be inverted pyramid, the surface of which is made of LED screens.They should be demonstrated biography and images of Steve Jobs.

winning project was "Sunny QR».Monument is configured as a vertical white plate, on which surface mounted pins.Every day at noon, after the shot gun from the bastion of the fortress, the height of the pins will vary with the program.Because of this, the shadow of the pin will form a QR-code.Considers him with a mobile device, you can find information about events in the sphere of high technologies.The monument will be installed in late 2012, in one of the squares of the Frunze district of St. Petersburg.

soon sculptural composition in honor of the founder of Apple, and also set in Odessa.It is made as a hole with his palm in the form of firm "apple" in the middle of a logo.There are plans for the construction of a memorial to Jobs in Novosibirsk.The project is carried out by conventional students who now collect money for its implementation.

  • Monument to Steve Jobs in Novosibirsk
  • installation of the monument with his hands