significant stratification of society, economic crises and instability, the lack of spiritual values ​​has a negative impact on the minds of young people . Patriotism gradually degenerating into nationalism or completely impaired.
become increasingly prominent manifestations of indifference, selfishness, cynicism, aggression and disrespect for the state among youth .Falling prestige of military service and the army as a whole.Reduced positive educational influence on the part of the institutions of culture, education and the arts.
statesmen are well aware of the urgency of measures to rebuild the system of education of patriotism among
the youth .It is necessary to unify and coordinate the efforts of all the organizations that are involved in this important issue.To do this, you need to create a regulatory framework and develop a set of methods and means for the formation of youth
patriotic consciousness.
an important role in this issue played a movie, TV and respected people of Russia.The heroic exploits and tragic events of national history should be reflected and adequately supplied figures of cinema and television.People with unquestionable authority, such as the famous athletes, scientists, figures of culture and art and dear veterans, can be very helpful in promoting patriotism.
are the following priority activities to help raise patriotism Russian youth to the proper level.You should be amended to the Federal Law "On Days of Military Glory of Russia", supplemented by a list of museums that make up the national heritage of the motherland.
in schools and other educational institutions need to revive the military and sports games and other patriotic.The same applies to the various competitions on the history of Russia.For example, literary - essay about the Patriotic War, art - for the best children's drawing of the greatness of the motherland.
necessary to actively use the latest technologies to attract the attention of young people .It is about creating patriotic sites on the Internet.