you need
  • - passport;
  • - statement.
To begin, refer to the territorial (TEC) and precinct (PEC) election commission.Here you have to bring your written request to the issuance of an absentee ballot.If you yourself can not do it for certain reasons (poor health, inability to personally go to the commission, etc.), then to write a letter for you can the person that you designate as his representative.The only thing that confirm such representation he has a notarized power of attorney.This provision is governed by paragraph 3 of Article 74 of the Federal Law "On elections".
Remember, in a statement, you must specify the reason why you can not come to your site on the day of voting.The reason can be anything: departure for a vacation or a business trip, a pe
rmanent residence in this period in the country, etc.
consider the fact that an absentee ballot you will receive no earlier than 60 days before voting day.This is due to the fact that for every election campaign the Central Election Commission is developing a personalized form of an absentee ballot.A claim to its form not later than 60 days before the election.As practice shows, the territorial commission issued absentee forms for 45-20 days, and the district - 19. Deadline for when you can get a certificate - a day before the voting day.
get the paper, be sure to specify the number of his passport.Also, if you get a license in the territorial election commission sign it in a special document - the register of issued absentee.If you take it to the polling station commission, the painting should be put directly to the voters list.It is necessary to have removed from the list on your site.
Carefully confirm that the absentee ballots data.I am sure it must be your last name, first name, number of the polling station where you for a residence permit should be included in the lists.And, of course, an absentee ballot must be confirmed by the seal of the commission that issued it to you, and endorsed by the signature of a member of the election commission.