The surest way to get at least some influence - to be born into an influential family initially.Of course, the parents choose, until you yourself yet in the world, even as a fetus, it is difficult, but what to do?He was born a girl - be patient, born into a wealthy family - Rejoice.Only here, of course, you have to be careful not to shake the money for entertainment, and the effect - the scandals and the publication in the tabloid press.And you can not see any political Olympus.
can finish MGIMO and become, for example, a diplomat.Then you just go out on the international level.But then again, are not recorded and, onc
e in one day in a foreign country does not fascinate her and remember that you are in the service of the motherland.
There is another way: to gain popularity in other areas - art, show business, literature, journalism, cinematography.Just define your political position, explain their political views and eventually interfere in the political life of the country.Of course, if you maintain the image of a rock star, which goes to the pink leopard black leather jackets and sunglasses, then you are unlikely to be allowed to the State Duma.
can try another way, resorted to many people: honest stand in deputies, leaving them to the bottom, just giving all the time, their profession.For example, you learn to be a doctor, we achieved some success and earned respect in the city.Now you - a well-known doctor in the city, maybe the head physician at Children's Hospital.You all know about you appear publication.It's time to declare their political attitudes.
If you are young and ambitious, you can start moving to the political scene from the cradle - to participate in any youth movement.There you can find the principles on which you will later build his political life.There you can already achieve some success and gather the young adherents.