Stay in society naturally and freely, with confidence and with dignity.Not to lose in front of a large audience in focus, develop his eloquence and ability to think logically.So you will always be able to formulate his thoughts, even without a prepared text in front of his eyes.
Almost all people have a "flair" of the soul of society, just need to work on yourself.Do not hesitate to make new friends, socialize with interesting personalities respected.Read classic and contemporary authors recognized that vocabulary.It always helps with any interlocutor to find a topic of conversation.
Do not talk bad about people, not gossip or slander.Try to treat the other person as they wanted, i
f it applies to you.If you are in an unfamiliar company, do not break the rules adopted there, and do not blame them.
Humor can help you out if you find yourself in a difficult situation and do not know how to answer the question.Do not be afraid to admit that it is not something I do not know.
Learn to listen to the interlocutor, do not interrupt him.His opinion on the matter then express.If you are killed, you do not specify the person to his gaffe, listen to what he has to say.
remember the names of people with whom you are familiar.Gifts accept with gratitude and a smile, do not show his displeasure, if you have something does not suit.
In the cinema or the theater, going to his seat by sitting people turn to face them.If you have already taken your seat, Miss latecomers stand.Open the doors of public places for women, the elderly and children.
Remember that accuracy - the politeness of kings.Do not be late to your assigned meeting.Do not forget the word "hello", "goodbye", "sorry", "please", "thank you."