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Many women become mothers, working without official registration of TK, or having the status of a housewife.Of course, such a woman would be officially considered unemployed.And many women being in the position of beginning to wonder whether the pay unemployed mothers and maternity can we count on any aid.

must be clearly understood that the employer pays maternity, not the state.With government organizations, everything is clear - here the worker immediately issued for TC.But with private firms, things are a bit more complicated.Many business organizations are not officially make out of their employees, so if a woman has worked without a contract, it can not rely on any maternity benefits.If a woman is employed not officially - on maternity leave she is entitled to b
enefits only from States.The amount of such benefits is not great, and can not be compared with fiat benefit working mothers.At times, many women rely on exchange of employment - are made there as unemployed, hoping some payments, but then there is maternity pay and unemployment benefits are not - do not have the right.

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Not all unemployed citizens who are on maternity leave or leave to care for a child are legally entitled to receive the allowance.Exceptions are those cases where the fact of the dismissal was the result of liquidation of the enterprise, and therefore, a pregnant woman was laid off.Making maternity benefits to accrue in this case produced in the bodies of social protection at the place of residence, it is necessary to provide a full package of necessary documents.Also, an exception is also the case if a woman in labor is studying full-time educational institution.For students paying fiat size depends on the size of the grant.Making such payments may be attending college.

unemployed dekretnikam not put a lump sum for registering at an early stage of pregnancy.But some regions to make payments of benefits, notwithstanding the provisions of the federal legislation on payments.For example, such payments are made for disabled dekretnikov in the Moscow region.Payment of maternity benefits for unemployed made the Social Insurance Fund.The amount of payment for the broken fiat category of citizens is calculated based on the amount of unemployment benefits.